Southwestern Ambassadors Microsite Design & UX

While at Southwestern University, I had the opportunity to spearhead the creative for an ambassador microsite. The goal of this site is to educate and equip potential volunteers and alumni to champion the cause of the university. This website offers key stats, success stories, points of difference, videos, and a toolkit of downloads.

It was important that the site be designed to offer big picture thinking quickly. Therefore, I decided the different information topics would be best presented in a responsive panel design that also allowed for easy navigation. In addition, the design itself utilizes the elements of the Southwestern University brand, but emphasizes the use of more minor elements to set it apart as its own effort.

The concept was developed and refined in Photoshop and Adobe XD, and I worked in tandem with the web architect and administrator to bring the site to life. The result is a pixel-perfect creative solution that effectively equips those who are in need of resources.

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Web Design, UX/UI Design, Art Direction